Featured Friday

It’s finally Friday – the end of another long work week. Though the news never stops, sometimes it’s nice to check out something a little lighter.

Welcome to Featured Friday, where every Friday I’ll feature a blog I love.

The first installment: Classy Girls Wear Pearls

CGWP blogger Sarah Vickers, from her website.

This is a fashion blog by Sarah Vickers, one of the minds behind Kiel James Patrick, the nautical-inspired New England fashion brand.

I love to see how region affects fashion, and her pretty-preppy look is a lot different than what I grew up seeing in the Southwest. It goes to show that good taste knows no borders –  just because your hometown is landlocked doesn’t mean you can’t draw a little inspiration from the Ocean State.


Know a blog I should check out? Whether it’s food, fashion, fun or anything in between, leave it in the comments below and it may be featured next Friday!

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