The Next Step

On Saturday, I with the rest of the class of 2013, became an official alum of Howard University.

It was a fun, crazy, hectic time – who knew graduation could be so stressful?  Between making sure all my paper work was in order, packing up my dorm and saying goodbye to my friend’s of the past four years there was a lot going on.

But that beautiful day on the yard was worth it.  I finally got to don my hood and turn my tassel with the rest of my classmates.

Now for the next step of life, wherever that may be.  I’ve been spending my days applying for jobs and interviewing.  If there’s one thing I’ve been told and now that I can attest to, it’s that you get more no’s than yes’s.

But I won’t let that discourage me.  While I wait to hear back from potential employers I plan on blogging more and freelancing to sharpen my skills and keep them fresh.

It can be a scary time, but it’s also and unbelievably exciting one – life has never been more  full of possibilities.

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