The Next Step

On Saturday, I with the rest of the class of 2013, became an official alum of Howard University.

It was a fun, crazy, hectic time – who knew graduation could be so stressful?  Between making sure all my paper work was in order, packing up my dorm and saying goodbye to my friend’s of the past four years there was a lot going on.

But that beautiful day on the yard was worth it.  I finally got to don my hood and turn my tassel with the rest of my classmates.

Now for the next step of life, wherever that may be.  I’ve been spending my days applying for jobs and interviewing.  If there’s one thing I’ve been told and now that I can attest to, it’s that you get more no’s than yes’s.

But I won’t let that discourage me.  While I wait to hear back from potential employers I plan on blogging more and freelancing to sharpen my skills and keep them fresh.

It can be a scary time, but it’s also and unbelievably exciting one – life has never been more  full of possibilities.

What I’m Reading This Month: May

As I said before, I just finished up my last semester of undergrad.  Though it’s a somewhat scary and uncertain time, there is one thing I’m definitely excited about – now I have more time to read for fun.

I love reading, and in high school I used to devour books as often as a weekly basis.  Once college started and my reading load got heavier, I had less time to read for pleasure.  And while I did find Gramsci and cultural hegemony interesting, I’m glad I get to read a few picks of my own.  Here’s what I’m reading during the month of May.

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It’s Been A Long Time…

I shouldn’t have left you, without some breaking news to press to

Yes. It has been awhile since I’ve given you Newstrition updates.  I just finished up my final semester at Howard University -I’m officially an alum of the real HU!- and during the time I was busy with tests, papers, packages and other school related things.

But now that I have some time between now and commencement, I’ll be back in full effect to point you the direction of news you can use!

Featured Friday

It’s finally Friday – the end of another long work week. Though the news never stops, sometimes it’s nice to check out something a little lighter.

Welcome to Featured Friday, where every Friday I’ll feature a blog I love.

The first installment: Classy Girls Wear Pearls

CGWP blogger Sarah Vickers, from her website.

This is a fashion blog by Sarah Vickers, one of the minds behind Kiel James Patrick, the nautical-inspired New England fashion brand.

I love to see how region affects fashion, and her pretty-preppy look is a lot different than what I grew up seeing in the Southwest. It goes to show that good taste knows no borders –  just because your hometown is landlocked doesn’t mean you can’t draw a little inspiration from the Ocean State.


Know a blog I should check out? Whether it’s food, fashion, fun or anything in between, leave it in the comments below and it may be featured next Friday!